Cremation services can be booked and planned in advance. According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, every adult can express his or her last wish to have his or her remains cremated after death. Such a step often significantly eases the emotional and anxiety burden of relatives in the event of a difficult moment in life.

Western Lithuanian Crematorium offers a wide range of ritual services, which can be booked in advance or expressed as a last will and testament. After all, the cremation procedure is only part of the final stages of the journey. Therefore, in foreign countries, people often use a pre-planning service for cremation and burial to protect their loved ones from troubles and to ensure a smooth farewell ceremony.

Consent to cremation and planning of the ceremony can be expressed by entering into a tripartite contract for cremation services after death. It is concluded between the client, Western Lithuanian Crematorium and a guarantor, who will undertake to ensure the execution of your last will and testament after your death. This tripartite contract also gives you the opportunity to express your wishes regarding the style and procedures of the funeral rites. Once the contract has been concluded, the client can also choose the method of payment for the services (prepayment or payment by the relatives after death).

Planning for cremation and funeral services is a natural process that can provide additional peace of mind for loved ones during a particularly difficult emotional period and allow them to send their loved one off on their final journey in a more respectful and stress-free way.

Moreover, the execution of this contract only takes effect after the death of the person. Therefore, if life circumstances change, the terms of the services provided for in the contract can be adjusted by amending the will or by contacting the service providers directly.



Funeral planning is a common practice in advanced countries around the world. After all, in the difficult moments of life, our thoughts are away from organisational concerns, but we still want our deceased’s last journey to be dignified and aesthetic.

Funeral planners are professionals with many years of experience in this field, who are well versed in the aesthetic, organisational and ritual nuances of funeral ceremonies.

These specialists can take care of the planning of the ceremony, paperwork handling, catering services and other moments of the ceremony that you may wish.

Planning a funeral and entrusting the process to a specialist also takes some of the burden of bereavement off your shoulders. When you take care of all the organisational aspects of the funeral on your own, you are much more likely to be confronted with various situations that constantly remind you of the loss of your loved one and the circumstances of their death.

Entrusting the funeral planning process to a specialist also saves a lot of precious time, which is a very important factor in order to say goodbye to the deceased in a proper and respectful way.

If you wish to entrust the funeral planning processes of your loved one to a professional in this field, the team at Western Lithuanian Crematorium invites you to consult our funeral ceremony planner, Rasa Barauskaitė, who will take care of all the organisational issues of the funeral ceremony with the appropriate care.



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